Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Article Marketing as a Resource

Many internet marketers and webmasters know the significance of article marketing as being a very useful and effective strategy to gain leverage in the SERPS.  In many cases I have found that when I am experiencing a challenge to getting a specific niche or keyword ranked, simply publishing an article through one of the many freelance writing article bases that I utilize generally help boost my site post significantly. 
Article writing resources are free and very prevalent, but like anything in the internet marketing world there are both good and bad resources to use.  One can never be too careful when it comes to linking to your sites, because if it turns out to a resource that gets slapped by the search engines as spam or otherwise, your site just may sink with their ship...
I have found that HubPages is a very good and reputable resource to attaining good placement in the SERPS, and I would recommend it to any marketers.  For example I recently came across the challenge of helping a friend promote his upcoming Art Exhibit in Milwaukee.  Having only less than a weeks notice I relied upon HubPages as a fast indexing source to get the word out, and in less than 12 hours the article ranked in 1st place in Google for the term "Free Milwaukee Art Exhibit".  In conjunction to the HubPages article I also utilized Yahoo Buzz to boost the article, and wallah!  Done!  The proof is in the pudding. 
Article Marketing as a Resource for attaining fast rankings in the SERPS is a powerful and reliable tool in article marketing.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Applying Internet Marketing Basics To Earn Money Online

There must be over a million marketing and advertising sites on the internet who promise that if you purchase their product or services, that your website will will be optimized for the search engines and enable you to earn money online!  If it were that easy, wouldn't everyone be  rich by now?  Exactly... 
So what does it really take to have a chance at online success?  Are you wondering what are the basics and what really works?  And which programs and platforms are really worth the investment of time and money?